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  •  HongKong Hawatte Technology Co., LTD was organized through subsequent co-funded by American company, Hong Kong Company and famous companies from Chinese mainland from a small mill into a group.After more than 50 years and unswerving improvement, Hawatte now grew into one of largest groups in the world which are equipped with extensive fields, wide varieties in products, a high level of specification, intensification, internationalization. The specialized functions for the group consist of machining, punching, high-pressure die-casting, gravity casting, sand casting, plastic molds and parts, surface treatment of parts, involving in such fields as mechanics, electronics, transportation, telecommunication, medical science, aviation and millitancy etc., attracting excellent talents in these fields. Through unanimous effort of all members, every subdiary has passed the products quality management system of ISO9001 and environment-protection system of ISO14001.

    With Chinese economy’s liberalization and China’s entry to WTO, many buyers seek for integrated service, while Hawatte just met the current international demand of this kind, thus fabricating a kind of pattern of varieties in products, integration in companies and one package service in connection relationship between manufacturers and buyers. Meanwhile, the leaders in Hawatte are sparing no effort to search for a mode of convenience, promptness, and even better meeting buyers’ requirements so as to create a kind of environment of convenience in purchasing and good quality at best price for customers, realizing customers’ wish in updating their products in structure and performance. Based on the purpose, responsibility and functions in every subsidiary must be defined, achieving every subdiary serves to where it should to be. Because partial function in every subsidiary was transferred from manufacturing to export-and agent-oriented marketing, every subsidiary has more freedom and development space, promoting better cooperation between subsidiaries.Hence; the buyers have more purchasing leeway, leading to meet their increasing growing demand.

    Technology is the competitive core to an enterprise; product quality is the blood vein which an enterprise lives on. In line with the sense of purpose and service idea” client is god” and “meet customers’s demand”, the functions are particularized as follows:

    CNC Machining Section: This section was equipped with MAZAK/TSGAMI brand numerical control machines imported from Japan, numerical milling machines, precise grinder, and scores of CNC machining equipments imported from Hass Company in America and Brother Company in Japan, among the CNC machines, the main axis of high-speed processing machines with three spindles or five spindles can rotate 36000 times in speed, expert at precise machining to small components; the inspection equipments and inspection methods are possessed such as high-precision 2- dimension device imported from Swiss , Hexagon brand 3-dimension device, high-presion projector, altitude instrument  etc.,covering many fields, for instance:Telecom, transportation, medical science, electronics, solar energy, office automation and alike. Rich experience was accumulated in high-precision Titanium alloy components, axis spare parts, semiconductor equipments and optical communication and so on.The parallelism and flatness for equipments and components can be controlled to 0.02mm and 0.03mm respectively.

    Casting, Die-Casting and Forging Section: This section has been specializing in fabrication of molds with Aluminium alloy, Magnesium alloy and Zinc alloy and production of components, concerning such fields as automobile, motobike accessories, valve body, microelectronic compenents and fittings, medical apparatus accessories, vessel hardware,(high, medium and low) carbon steel, die-casting machines have different tonnage (i.e. 250 ton, 400ton, 750ton, 800 ton, 1000 ton, 2500 ton).Advanced inspection equipments can achieve inspection purpose, for example: material analysis system, hardness and toughness inspection system, salt frog antirust system and so on, thus maitaining the inherent properties of parts.

    Gravity Casting, Sand Casting Section: This section has been committing to production of gravity casting and sand casting, due to rich experience in the field, the pores, pinhole and puff occurred on the castings can be removed,subsequent jobs  and machines are able to meet engineering requirements, such as T4,T6 heat treatment, sand blasting, polishing and shot blasting. The extensive application goes into such fields as medical apparatus, high-speed rail, auto and motobile accessories, heavy-duty apparatus, power apparatus, architecture apparatus, hardware, robotic automation and alike, the stable and reliable quality of parts is always winning the thumbs given from customers in Europe and America.

    Metal Punching Section: This section is expert at metal sheet, metal tooling, metal punching, and product stretching, spinning and bending; precise grinder can guarantee the components’ tolerance within 0.002mm. The thickness of material towards the component which needs high requirements can reach 0.08mm; the raw material for punch mold adopts on many occasions alloy steel, high-speed steel and ultrahard material,(I.E. tungsten steel and ASP), the advanced equipments in punching are furnitured with different tonage( for instance:200-ton hydraulic stretching machine,160-ton press machine, and dozens of puncher, 2 polisher and 6 heat treatment machines),the fields involved are electronics( i.e. supervision control camera and hardware fitting used for MP3/MP4), electrical equipment(i.e.light accessories, printer and duplicator),telecom(i.e.cabinet and computer casing),mechanics( hardware spring,  metal shrapnel and metal batteries),transportation (i.e. automotive spare parts), precise mold fittings and precise metal parts (i.e.drawing parts, motor housing,motor chip, turbocharging, low-voltage apparatus).

    Plastic Mold and Parts Section: This section integrates development, research, design, production and sale in plastic mold and parts. The injection machines are installed with varied tonnages (i.e. 95 ton, 160ton, 240ton, 1250ton etc.), the injection mold adopts p-20 pre-hardened steel (soft mold), 420 stainless steel and H-13 chromium steel (hard mold), and the products adopt such material as ABS, LEXAN and ULTEM and so on. Many fields need resort to the plastics, such as telecom (mobile keyboard and mobile charger), plastic packaging machinery, electronics, toy, clock and watch, electrical apparatus, stationery, automobile, and articles used for outdoor activities.

    Surface Treatment Section: This section is engaging in research and development in painting technology, equipped with advanced painting machines (i.e.plasma painting, supersonic flame painting etc.). The parts after painting are charecterized by corrosin resistance, abrasion resistance,anti-high temerature oxidation, shock resistance, anti-earthquake, insulation,conductivity, anti-adhension, applying to mechanics, aviation, telecom, automobile, hardware component and alike.

      Agent for Other Fields: This section acts as an agent for some parts in optical communication industry (i.e. grinder, fixtures, end face detector,cure oven etc.) and varying rhinestones with different dimensions in clothing industry (i.e. DMC brand ss6, ss10, ss16, ss20… with different colors such as crystal, rose, capri blue, fuchsia etc.)


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